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Cabernet Sauvignon - Reserve  2011 Vintage, Mt. Veeder AVA

This wine is a delicious demonstration of what masterful oak aging can

accomplish: a luxurious spectrum of flavors from cocoa to ground coffee,

cigar box to saddle leather, smoke, spice and vanilla-butterscotch. The

fruit leans dark—mostly black cherry, black currant, and blackberry.

After thirty minutes, camellia perfume emerges on the nose, with fresh

green herbs, soft baking spices and just enough menthol to be refreshing.

The nose and palate peak in complexity after around one hour. Rich dark

chocolate complements dark cherry on the palate, and with more time

turns to soft prune, clove, brown sugar, vanilla and butterscotch.

The alcohol is well integrated; with an hour’s development in the bottle, we

observed an enjoyable thirty-plus-second finish. A medium body, lively

acidity and high intensity make it a versatile food wine.

Complexity: High, especially oak notes; clear, sustained, diverse flavors

Balance: Even structural balance, and great integration from nose to finish

Intensity: Sufficient to enjoy on its own, without overpowering paired foods

Character: Great nuance and personality; several distinguishing attributes

Typicity: Clearly Napa fruit and Mt. Veeder soil, with unique winemaking;

for some on the panel, the oak called fine Rioja Gran Reserva to mind